Our Children Need These Books and Here’s why!

Ever walked by a bookstore and saw that book from an icon you admire that you really wished you could have grasped the covers of? Every reader has that feeling in ‘em, and so do our kids. They’re readers inspired by various leaders in literature and those reads they hope will someday make them lead.

Whether it’s for enrichment of storytelling, information gathering, knowledge building or even just therapy reading, it all has a purpose for our children to glance over. And as our children do not have very much to possess, they only get less and less available to them with various regulations and restrictions imposed on them, avoiding them from entering public library premises.

Of all the things they have been deprived of, this is truly one of the most crippling. As to take away one’s ability to learn, is to take away their independence to earn. Our children have various useful interests and we believe in enriching, empowering and enabling our children to do it all! And it all can start with a little reading. Reading that you can help them achieve.

Click on the button below to see the list of books that they require and who to contact for the provision of them.

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