When a client seeks YCK’s aid, we first will identify what is the background and the needs of the child first, before designing their programme journey.

Social workers are assigned and the developmental plan of each child or teenager is customised on a case-to-case basis, to ensure that the child or teenager is receiving the most relevant resource.

Application for Birth Certificates, Identification Cards, UNHCR cards, Citizenship, adoption, legal processes, statelessness etc.  

Work & Employment:
Advice, referrals for work opportunities.

Health & Wellness:
Hospital visits, hospitalization, check-ups, dentist, STDs etc

Financial assistance for families/ clients in case of emergency depending on their needs and financial support for documentation, health care, education etc.

We refer cases to other organisation if it is in the best interest of the client. Among cases that have been referred are homeless clients, clients looking for shelter, counseling for abuse cases, legal representation etc.

Application for school transfer, boarding school, school entry, college, technical and vocational school, college/ university, career guidance, higher education for clients without formal education background (SOLS/ GiatMara, SLDN) , loan application, liaising with teachers if parents are not able to etc.

Referral and visitation to rehabilitation centers for clients who are struggling with drug use. Also, follow up care plan after the rehabilitation process.

Counseling in various forms according to the client’s needs such as sand therapy, art therapy etc. We also deal with family counseling if and when needed.

Shelter/ foster care:
We provide shelter and foster care for children who need protection.

Empowerment & Support:
We provide training and programs to empower our clients with low self-esteem such as support groups, sharing sessions, training on respect and boundaries etc. Most importantly, staff at YCK are always willing to listen to our clients.

A holistic approach towards homeless clients which includes counseling, job opportunities, shelter, foster care, higher education, health care etc. 

(Physical/ verbal/ sexual/ mental abuse) A wholesome approach towards homeless clients which includes dealing with the authorities, counseling, shelter, foster care, higher education, health care etc.

Emergency Hotline:
Clients have access to an emergency hotline on a 24 hour basis.

Disabilities (physical/ mental/ education):
Identifying and assessment, application of privilege card, referral to special education/learning or training centers etc.

We assist through the legal processes and represent our clients in court, police reports etc.

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