Currently, Yayasan Chow Kit serves an average of:


on a full-time basis, 24/7, everyday of the year.

*Our numbers change every month, depending on the cases that are presented to YCK.


Since being established in 2010, Yayasan Chow Kit provides holistic care and education not just to our young beneficiaries, but we also extend our services to their parents or guardians.

Our social workers work with the parents/ guardians of the children and teenagers, by providing consultations and aiding them in any capacity necessary for the welfare of the children.

” YCK has not only helped me, but also helped my mother. My mother is a single mother and sole breadwinner who has to care for me and my many siblings as our father had left us without any savings. I decided to meet with the Social Worker at KL Krashpad to share our struggles and get help for my mother. The social worker then came to visit my family to get more information and they could immediately see that my family needed financial assistance. My mother was taught by the YCK social worker to apply for monthly financial assistance from Baitulmal (JAWI), a service unknown to my mother before this. Starting from A to Z, the social worker helped my mother patiently and thoroughly until her application was successful. This is just one of many instances where YCK has helped me and my family to improve our lives.

Ali, teenage student at Yayasan Chow Kit.

“I became a resident at the YCK shelter after a series of unfortunate family problems. YCK saved me by providing me shelter and giving me an opportunity to go to school like other teenagers. Although I did not manage to place myself in a university (IPT), YCK still supported me to pursue other opportunities to study in alternative fields. With the help of YCK, I managed to secure a spot at Pusat Giat Mara to upskill myself in the field of sewing. After graduation, I even received an offer to work as a Sewing Supervisor! I really appreciate the services of YCK because it has really opened my eyes to what opportunities lie out there in addition to reminding me to take pride in my current profession.

Hamsah, graduate from Yayasan Chow Kit’s KLKP.

“My siblings and I were enrolled as children at Pusat Aktiviti Kanak-Kanak (PAKK) and we eventually shifted to KL Krashpad when we got older. I admit that YCK endeavors to provide the best service that they can to us. YCK provides us opportunities to explore our identity and most importantly, provides a comfortable and safe place for children and adolescents to just be. Despite living in the city center, I grew up in a wholesome environment because I had a safe space in YCK. In other words, YCK is my second home. As a result of my upbringing at YCK, I have grown to became a useful person in my community instead of being affected by all the other negative influences around Chow Kit. I am proud to say that I am now a student at a local university, in the field of accounting.

Syazwan, graduate from Yayasan Chow Kit’s KLKP.

“I lived further away from Chow Kit, but I did not mind the commute to get to YCK even if it meant I had to travel a little longer on the bus and be patient with the constant traffic jams to get there. I always looked forward to coming to YCK and having a bit of fun here. Undeniably, I have learnt so much from the programmes and activities I have participated through YCK, so much so that I was confident and independent enough to manage a motivational camp for the other teenagers at KLKP. One of the most valuable YCK service that I had recieved is when they successfully guided me in my scholarship application for Yayasan Khazanah. I am now a student Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) but I am committed to return and volunteer back at YCK to pay it forward!

Hazim, graduate from Yayasan Chow Kit’s KLKP.